At B&B Turistgården Särna, you will find the perfect place to relax, unwind and explore the wilderness of Sweden.
Our Villa Villekulla

Rooms in a homely atmosphere

If you choose to stay with us, we can offer you rooms in a homely atmosphere. Whether you are a lonely walker, an adventurous couple or a family with children, you are always welcome!

Rum 1 - Varg
Room 1


2 persons, single beds

Rum 2 - Älg
Room 2


2 persons, bunk bed

Rum 3 - Lodjur
Room 3


2 persons, single beds

Rum 4 - Ekorre
Room 4


1 person, single bed

Rum 5 - Rådjur
Room 5


2 persons, single beds

Rum 6 - Ren
Room 6


2 persons, bunk bed

Rum 7 - Räv
Room 7


2 persons. single beds

Rum 8 - Lavskrika
Family room 8


4 persons, 2 single beds & 1 bunk bed

Family room 9


4 persons, 2 single beds & 1 bunk bed

Rum 10 - Björn
Room 10


2 persons, single beds

Family room 5+6

Rådjur & Ren

4 persons, 2 single beds & 1 bunk bed

Family room 9+10

Järv & Björn

6 persons, 4 single beds & 1 bunk bed

Not just a hostel

We offer so much more

We want to make a difference for you. That’s why we offer much more than just a nice room. We create all the possibilities to let you experience a fantastic time in a beautiful environment.

Reindeer Lovis

Hug a reindeer

A family fairy tale

When we told people that we had walked and cuddled with a reindeer, it sounded incredible in their ears. But it is really true, and we would like you and your family to experience these special moments, too.

Meet the Sami, the last indigenous people of Europe, and learn about their history and their way of life with the reindeer.

Walk with the reindeer to the tipi in the forest, and listen to their wonderful stories. Sit around the campfire on reindeer skins and learn why the Sami know no less than 8 seasons. Taste their delicious delicacies and drink coffee like the Sami do.

Please tell us your wishes, and we will do everything to give you and your children an unforgettable day. Because there is so much more the Sami and their reindeer have to offer you.

Old Tjikko

Meet Old Tjikko

The oldest tree in the world

Old Tjikko is seen as the oldest tree in the world. This Norway spruce is a clone on a root system of more than 9550 years old. You can find it in the nature park Fulufjället and it is named after the dog Tjikko from the discoverer of the tree, Leif Kullman.

This particular tree is not along a path, and the way to it is not indicated. But if you want to meet Old Tjikko in person, we will be happy to guide you through this fantastic nature reserve.

You can also visit the Naturum, the museum of the park, and the highest waterfall in Sweden of no less than 93 meters high, the Njupeskär. Or how about the valley of the Göljån, where in 1997 an impressive natural disaster took place.

Meditation rocks of ice


Look after yourself

Letting go is difficult. Sometimes we even anxiously try to hold on to everything, for example to expectations, our fears, loss, possessions, our stories and our relationships. Even when it hurts and we suffer, it is difficult to let go.

Our hostel is the perfect place to unwind. In a homely atmosphere you can let go of everyday life and start again every moment. Focus your attention to something else, for example on the silence in nature. Come to yourself on the top of a mountain or on your own in the deep forests. We want to help you with pleasure and compassion.

But in the hostel we also have a special place where you can meditate on your own or together with others under supervision. We want to make a difference for you and help you to get back into daily life as reborn.

Let’s play in the snow and in the sun!

Activities in Northern Dalarna

A stay with us is not limited to our villa or the garden. There is plenty to do, both in winter and in summer. Every season brings something new! Discover it with B&B Turistgården Särna.


Dalarnas delicacies

Test your taste buds for local delicacies in a classic café or an innovative gastronomic restaurant. Eating in Dalarna is an experience for all senses.

Dalarnas delicacies

Have fun!

Winter sports

When the sports holiday is at the door, it’s time to fill a whole week of activities and other things to do. Here in Dalarna there is a wealth of fun, cozy, exciting, wintry and educational experiences to choose from, both inside and out.
Have fun!

Winter sports

Sniffing culture

Sweden’s heart & soul

Dalarna is the heart and soul of the Swedish folk tradition. Many of the symbols you might think typically Swedish is deeply rooted in Dalarna: Midsummer celebrations, red-painted cottages, the gorgeous folk costumes, foot-tapping folk music and – of course – the Dala horse.

Sniffing culture

Sweden’s heart & soul


Explore freedom

The mountain kingdom opens up in Särna, the wild and the quiet mountain forest’s story is told here. Enjoy the right to roam free in it. Find the highest waterfall and the oldest tree of the world. Experience the coldest winter among the warmest people.

Explore freedom

B&B Turistgården Särna
B&B Turistgården Särna
B&B Turistgården Särna
B&B Turistgården Särna
B&B Turistgården Särna


B&B Turistgården Särna

Once built in 1890 as a hospital, this fantastic Villa Villekulla has been transformed into an oasis where hospitality is the key, and relaxation is the magic word.

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