Terms and Conditions

It is important that you take note of the general terms and conditions of B&B Turistgården Särna AB. When you complete your booking, you have accepted these conditions and the reservation amount will be charged. (Reservations by telephone, e-mail or directly have the same conditions.)

Area of application of the general conditions

These general conditions apply between B & B Turistgården Särna AB and for anyone who, by itself or through other parties, has reached an agreement with B & B Turistgården Särna AB as specified in the confirmation (the guest). The agreement may apply to accommodation, transport, purchase of other products and services, or a combination of these.

Who is responsible?

The responsible organizer is B&B Turistgården Särna AB, Sjukstugevägen 4, 79090 Särna. Telephone +46 (0)253 58 03 33. Organization number 559193-9581.

When does the booking of the guest apply?

The booking applies to both the B&B Turistgården Särna AB and the guest once the B & B Turistgården Särna AB has confirmed the booking and the guest has paid the full amount (or agreed registration fee) for the current booking within the agreed time.

When do you have to pay?

Bookings through the Expedia Group or Booking.com are basically paid the same day. Bookings through the website of B&B Turistgården Särna are payed via BookVisit. If you don’t want to do this, you can book via phone or e-mail and we will send you an invoice that must be paid within 30 days. If you arrive within those 30 days, the amount must be paid no later than the day of arrival. The term of the invoice also applies if you book by telephone or by e-mail. In all cases, a billing period of 30 days applies to companies. The guest must always indicate the booking number when paying and state the confirmation and receipt upon arrival.

What happens if the guest does not pay in time?

If the guest has not paid yet, B&B Turistgården Särna AB will send a reminder to the e-mail address at least 35 days prior to arrival. The booking will be canceled if B&B Turistgården Särna AB has not received the final payment by the expiry date stated on the sent reminder.

What do you have to do if you want to cancel or rebook as a guest?

The guest can rebook or cancel verbally or in writing on +46 (0)253 58 03 33 (from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm) or by e-mail info@turistgardensarna.se. A rebooking is not valid until you have received written confirmation from B&B Turistgården Särna AB.

General conditions for accommodation (rooms and beds)

If canceled later than 7 days (168 hours) after 18:00 on the day before arrival, B&B Turistgården Särna AB will retain 100% of the price of the booking. See pricing conditions and confirmation of what applies to each facility.

General conditions for other schemes (packages and activities)

See the pricing conditions and confirmation that apply to each package or activity.

Accommodation, other packages and activities at discounted prices, as well as offers

Reduced bookings, discounts and promotions are usually non-changeable and cancelable, meaning that B&B Turistgården Särna AB retains 100% of the price of the booking, regardless of when the cancellation takes place.

Obligations and guest rights of B&B Turistgården Särna AB

B&B Turistgården Särna AB may change the conditions of the booking provided that the guest can be offered other equivalent products and / or services. If there are cost increases for B&B Turistgården Särna AB after the agreement has become binding for the parties, B&B Turistgården Särna AB may increase the price for the trip corresponding to the cost increase. This is also the case if the increase in costs is due to changes in taxes or other fees related to services included in the booking. The prize may not be raised within the last 20 days before arrival and must be reported to the guest immediately. The booking price must be reduced if the costs of B&B Turistgården Särna AB, less than 20 days before arrival, are reduced for the same reasons as mentioned above.

If the booking can not be delivered in full or in part according to the booking confirmation and if no alternative arrangement can be arranged, whereby the differences with the booking are so small that it does not matter for the guest, for example hostels or hotels in the same class, then the guest has the right to cancel. The guest then receives everything the guest has paid, minus the value of the parts of the booking that the guest may already have used. If a transport service, event or activity included in the booking is canceled in the short term, the refund is only for the canceled transport service, event or activity.

As an organizer B&B Turistgården Särna AB is obliged to ensure that:

  • The guest receives a written confirmation of their booking.
  • The guest receives documents and other information in time.
  • The guest is informed of important changes that relate to the booking.
  • The guest can have the room from 15:00 hours.

B&B Turistgården Särna AB is not responsible for any promises that a third party has made directly to the guest without informing B&B Turistgården Särna AB of this and that the B&B Turistgården Särna AB does not know or should know (always ask for a written confirmation ).

What does the guest have for obligations?

To conclude an agreement with B&B Turistgården Särna AB, the guest must be at least 18 years old. When you stay in a group, at least two people must be at least 18 years old if a higher age limit has not been specified in connection with the booking. Identification is done on arrival. Meeting the age limit is a requirement for entry to the accommodation. If a guest does not meet the age limit when accessing the accommodation, the cancellation rules apply.

The guest must adhere to the rules, instructions and regulations that apply to the accommodation, vehicle, activity, etc. The guest may not allow more people to stay in the room than was mentioned in the booking. The number of people must be stated at the time of booking. B&B Turistgården Särna AB assumes that a maximum of 1 child under the age of 2 does not use a bed of their own, unless otherwise stated.

If there are complaints about disruptive behavior, the host has the right to immediately remove the guest if after correction the disturbing behavior does not stop immediately. The same rules also apply when there are too many people than the number allowed for the room. The guest is obliged to pay the costs for any damage resulting from the aforementioned disturbing behavior. Refunds for the remaining nights are only made for those nights when B&B Turistgården Särna AB can book new guests.

The guest is obliged to check the booking confirmation as soon as it is received. Inaccuracies must be reported immediately.

If the guest has complaints about the room, the guest must first contact B&B Turistgården Särna AB so that any problems can be resolved during the stay of the guest.

The guest must indicate at the time of booking if one of the guests is suffering from any kind of allergy, so that the B&B Turistgården Särna AB as organizer has the opportunity to offer the right room. PAY ATTENTION! The description of the room also indicates whether pets are allowed. B&B Turistgården Särna AB can not guarantee that there has been no pet in the room shortly before check-in.

The cleaning of the room is included in the price. However, if there is serious pollution of the room, at least SEK 1,000 additional costs may be charged.

Check-out takes place at 11:00 at the latest. If this does not happen, you should inform B&B Turistgården Särna AB in good time. We then search together for a solution.


The price of the accommodation includes the following items:

  • A sheet and towel set that is changed every 5 days.
  • Cleaning of the room
  • Toilet paper
  • You can borrow an iron and ironing board on request free of charge
  • You can borrow a hairdryer free of charge on request
  • You can borrow a clock radio for free on request

You should take care of a child’s cot or highchair yourself. Do not forget to bring along what is necessary for your stay!

Special booking conditions apply for groups of at least 10 people. For more information, please contact B&B Turistgården Särna AB directly.

Integrity policy and personal data treatment

Read more about how we handle your personal information here.

Force Majeure

In the event that the booking can not be made as a result of force majeure outside the control of B&B Turistgården Särna AB, B&B Turistgården Särna AB is free of liability or other sanctions. B&B Turistgården Särna AB reserves the right to make changes as a result of changes in legislation and prices that are beyond the control of B&B Turistgården Särna AB.

Welcome to B&B Turistgården Särna AB, we wish you a pleasant stay!