The hard part is choosing what to do!

Österdalälven runs through Särna and invites you to beautiful views and maybe a swim? At the campsite in the village, you can rent a canoe. 


Fulufjället National Park is only a 20-minute drive from Turistgården Särna. There is not only Sweden’s highest waterfall there, but also a number of beautiful paths and trails. The Södra Kungsleden also passes here. Many hiking trails at Fulufjället start from Naturum, a nice place where there is a lot to discover for both adults and children. We also work with local guides who can tell you everything about the National Park and show you many things that are not on the map. Contact us to book guides or if you want us to advise you on our favorite trails!

An hour drive from us you will find the beautiful mountain area Grövelsjön. There are plenty of hiking trails here, everything from the short Trollstigen, which is fun for the kids, to a day trip where you start by taking the boat across the lake to Norway and then hike back. In winter, there is fantastic cross-country skiing here, and if you’re lucky, you can even skate on Lake Grövelsjön before the snow comes! In autumn, the colors are absolutely enchanting here and it really is at its most beautiful if you ask us.

There are many other nice places to explore, for example the Nipfjället-Städjan nature reserve which is about 30 minutes by car from Särna. You have an incredible view of these mountains from Nipfjället’s summer parking lot. Idre fjäll is also about an hour’s drive from us and there is a wealth of winter sports opportunities as well as hiking and cycling in the summer.

A little closer to us, about a 15 minutes by car, is Fjätfallen and there you can hike or just have a coffee and enjoy the view. It is also great to fish there. Even in direct connection to Turistgården Särna, there are many nice traisl that we are happy to advise you on.


Many people who like to fish go to Särna. Both Österdalälven, Fjätälven and Fulan are popular places for fly fishing. Fishing licenses can be bought at the gift shop in the village.


Unfortunately, cycling is not allowed in Fulufjället National Park, but there are many other cycling opportunities around here. Särna’s mountainbike club has marked some nice tours. Some start from the campsite in the village and a favorite of ours is the Fjätfallsrundan, a beautiful cycle ride of around 20 kilometres. The large cycle path “European divide trail” passes us. You can also cycle around the bridges, a cycle ride of about ten km along the banks of Österdalälven.


Särna has a nice homestead where you can, for example, visit Gammelkyrkan, a wooden church dating from the 17th century that is beautifully situated next to the Österdalälven river. Just a few minutes from us is the Lomkällan Forest and Defense Museum, there is a lot to see. A large area with many buildings that you can look into, lots of play for the children and a nice cafe.

In both Idre and around Lake Grövelsjön you can learn more bout the Sami culture and here you also have the opportunity to buy local handicrafts and various handicraft products.