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Sandra Kint

When we saw Villa Villekulla for the first time, we knew this beautiful house would change our lives forever. Now we are going to do our best to make a difference for you.
“There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed.” — Kate Douglas Wiggin
All you need is a destination and a great hostel!

Arjen van Berlo

Oude huis

B&B Turistgården Särna

Our villa was built in 1890 as a hospital. In 1905 the house was converted into a doctor’s house, and it has been that for years. After a renovation in the 1980s, it has served as a hostel. In 2015 it was briefly a refugee center for young refugees from Iraq and Syria. But now it has become a real hostel again.

All the rooms have had a makeover and the heating has been modernized so that this beautiful Villa Villekulla can function for years as a place where everyone can feel at home. The old parquet floor will soon be restored and the bathroom refurbished.

We love EKO

To take care of the earth

We try to save the environment as much as possible. For example, we only take green electricity and all lighting comes from LED lamps.

Waste separation is very important to us, so we limit the residual waste to a minimum. We offer our guests every opportunity to participate.

The food we offer is as organic as possible and preferably comes from the direct surroundings or from Sweden. And if we can improve something, we will certainly not fail to do so. Do you have suggestions? We would like to hear that!

Njupeskär waterfall

With National Park Fulufjället

Working together with National Park Fulufjället

We have started a partnership with the Fulufjället National Park. That means we do our best to promote the national park and explain to everyone how important nature is.

We are happy to offer you a tour through the old forest, to the Njupeskär and the oldest fir in the world: Old Tjikko. Or maybe you want to go to Göljån with us, an area in the national park where a huge catastrophe occurred in 1997.

If you are interested in a tour, please contact us.

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We highly value your comments and suggestions about our facilities. Please, send us any comment or suggestion you might have, so that we can improve our services.

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